Larissa is named after one of the largest region in Greece; inspired by the origin of the product.

Inspired by ancient Greek secrets, the ancient Greeks used most of the ingredients they found within their natural environment to create beauty products that shaped the modern beauty today.

Inspiration behind every single product is aloe and Greek olive oil known as the “liquid gold”, combined with organic herbs known for their healing properties along with some of the best natural raw ingredients that thrive in the Mediterranean climate.


All Larissa products are organic certified by International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation (IONC) GmbH using BDIH standard set for organic, natural and safe products.

Our Philosophy

1. WE use only natural organic ingredients certified by the International Organic and Cosmetics Corporation, IONC GmbH. 

2. WE believe in quality and safe products. We use the highest % of organic ingredients carefully selected based on proven results.

3. WE strive to serve you better combining science and innovation with nature’s wonders.