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Clinically Proven

Works instantly in one application, with lasting effect up to 24 hours*

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Patented Actives

2-in-1 Patented Technology

Promotes immediate and sustainable results using time-release mechanism

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Organic Certified

All ingredients are FREE from chemicals, fragrance and preservatives

Certified by Cosmos Organic European Standard

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Water Replaced with Aloe Vera

Water is replaced with

organic aloe vera

Base ingredients are inspired by Greek’s ancient formula –

olive and aloe



The Secret To Younger Looking Skin


Age-Defying Essence is a scientifically formulated anti-ageing essence using only the highest purity organic ingredients proven to reverse wrinkles, visible fine lines and sagging skin while providing intense hydration for smoother younger-looking skin.


This is a must-have routine to help restore radiance and improve skin elasticity for all skin types especially those concerned about sensitive and mature skin.


  • Instant & Lasting Results

Feel the lifting and tightening effect instantly, up to 24 hours.


  • Intense Hydration

Hydrates skin to enhance skin’s natural defense system


  • Natural Collagen Booster

Tens’up™ technology boosts natural collagen production and visibly smoothes wrinkles, fine lines, and eye-bag


  • Formulated with Proven Plant-based Ingredients

Sea buckthorn and Chicory, 2 well researched and proven ingredients for anti-ageing, intense hydration, and lifting effect

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Impressive change in the collagen structure


The higher the color in density (picture 3) shows the higher the content of collagen. Tens’up™ technology increases natural collagen production with wrinkle replenishing effect.


Result that lasts up to 24 hours


Age-Defying Essence reduces fine lines, wrinkles visible near the eye area within hours after application. You will also feel a slight tightening effect of the product working to tighten the pores and provides lifting effect.